CLONEGENE designs and distributes quality  reagents relevant to Virology and Oncology. These include high affinity monoclonal antibodies against Viral targets, Onco-Immune pathways, Gene expression regulators and Tumor neoantigens.


Antibody Validation - Collaboration with antYbuddY - 50% discount for life, if you submit a review!

Antibody validation is an increasingly important consideration in the purchase and use of antibodies. Clonegene is committed to the support of any endeavors that elucidate antibody validation.  Recently, we have been delighted to collaborate  with AntYbuddY which provides an excellent platform for informed antibody validation  

Thus, we are happy to announce that free samples of any of Clonegene’s catalogue will be distributed to researchers  who  post their findings on Antybuddy.   Simply email [email protected] with the catalogue number and shipping address and we will send you 10ug of free antibody !   It is important to point out that posting of rigorous reviews on AntYbuddY will qualify the researcher to a lifetime discount of 50% from Clonegene. Whereever the researcher goes the discount will follow !  

To order, please  use our online cart  buttons on each page. You can use  Paypal  or Major Credit cards.


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